• Commander

    COL Morris L. Bodrick is the Commander of the U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center, U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.

    Commander's Corner

    Cultivating a Culture of Excellence and Safety

    When I assumed command of ATC just over a year ago, I laid out three priorities for strengthening the Command: safety, accountability/responsibility and wellness. These principles are the pillars of this test center, and in an environment focused on “Excellence in Safety,” our resources, people, equipment and facilities are protected.

    Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Each individual is held accountable for his or her actions, and it’s every leader’s responsibility to see that safety is practiced daily. Safety must be reinforced throughout the organization and emphasized down to the lowest level to ensure that everyone is involved and policies and procedures are followed.

    The nature of ATC’s test and evaluation mission exposes our employees to a myriad of unique test processes, procedures and operations that may present difficult and dangerous conditions. The variety of testing is immense: automotive reliability and performance assessments at ATC’s test courses and conditioning chambers; airfield and watercraft activities; and munitions and weapons from 9mm handguns to 155mm artillery -- to name just a few. This year alone, our team has issued at least 5,300 clearances to fire more than 3 million rounds of 61 different types, including 4,500 static detonations, 2,500 tank rounds (120mm), and 2.6 million small arms ammunitions. Automotive and watercraft testing has covered more than 139,000 miles on our test courses and 35,000 nautical miles. It is imperative that ATC has a rigorous process for evaluating and mitigating safety risks for each test program..

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    ATC Vision

    ONE TEAM, Driven by integrity, mutual respect, and trust.

    ONE VISION, Setting the highest standard of excellence.

    ONE UNSHAKABLE BOND, Protecting one another and those who inspire us to give our best each day…our Warfighters.

    ATC Vision

    - Provide test and test support services for authorized customers within and outside of DoD, including Government and non-Government organizations, domestic, and foreign.

    - Perform comprehensive test and training, both real and simulated.

    - Exploit emerging technologies.

    - Develop leading-edge instrumentation and test methodologies.