Automotive Test Instrumentation Facility

Supports both technical and engineering tests addressing performance and reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM) issues for:
- Automotive
- Fire control and live-fire/vulnerability
- Road shock and vibration
- Transportability
- Environmental conditions

Includes resources to design, plan, and conduct testing:
- Nearly $50 million of state-of-the-art instrumentation
- Over 30,000 sq ft of laboratory and shop space
- On-site instrumentation and hardware fabrication facilities
- Data acquisition, processing, analysis and reporting
- Measurements traceable to NIST standards

Specialized off-site data transfer capabilities
- Fiber optic and bidirectional microwave telemetry links that provide high speed data transfer and real-time test control
- Secure, single source data access from any location in the world via the internet

Initial staging point for test preparations, instrumentation installation and calibration, and verification, and centralization of data collection and reduction