Making a Difference in How We Fight

COL Morris L. Bodrick Commander, U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center

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There is not a single piece of Army equipment that doesn’t pass through this command. Every item a soldier shoots, communicates with, touches or carries was tested here; and if not here, then at one of ATEC’s remaining test centers. We are here to make sure that when the time comes for military personnel to deploy, everything they have – from the vehicle they ride in, to the boots on their feet – works right the first time. There’s no room for second chances.

Whether it’s developmental testing of the next iteration of the self-propelled howitzer, or acceptance testing of body armor that is shipped all around the world to central issuing facilities, the testing we do here is critical to maintaining Army readiness. Through testing, we ensure that the warfighter has the equipment he or she needs to support the fight. Testing is critical not only to the Program Management Offices and developmental centers perfecting their products throughout the Army, but also to the military personnel who rely on their equipment on the front lines of conflict. Undoubtedly, the testing we do is paramount to ensuringthe Army’s readiness posture is maintained.

Equally important to sustaining Army readiness are the people who make it happen. Our workforce brings together a diverse collection of experiences, from recently graduated engineers having never served, to retired, former or even current military working to support some of the most important testing in the Army and across the services. It is this latter group that we highlight in this edition of The Point Position. Having served, or still serving, they help to ensure that the conditions in which we test are operationally relevant, and representative of those encountered on the battlefield. By making sure the latest Army materiel works in the driest desert or the coldest tundra, they are maintaining the Army’s readiness no matter where or when it is needed.

The dedication and selfless service of the people who make up the Aberdeen Test Center Team is outstanding. They are not just testing the latest and greatest equipment, they are ensuring that the equipment performs as it was designed to at its most critical time, on the battlefield. So, to all the professionals testing here at ATC and across ATEC: Continue to work to support the Army’s readiness posture, and thank you for your selfless service!