Inspiring Voices

Dr. Reygan M. Freeney Chief, Signatures & Sensors Branch, Warfighter Dir.

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Participants leave with new ideas, skills, confidence and fresh perspectives to enhance leadership behaviors across our command. The series was once only available to personnel from ATEC. However, under the guidance of former ATC commander COL Morris Bodrick, the fall 2016 WIL session opened the series to the APG working community--men and women alike.

Despite gains in education and in every profession, women remain underrepresented at all levels of leadership. In order to achieve gender parity, we need women who are trained, willing and able to take leadership positions. The WIL series has shown over the years that there are strong, committed, purpose-driven women who excel in a variety of capacities.

The program is continually seeking insightful speakers. Contact Contact (410)278-0287 with suggestions or recommendations.