Accelerated Corrosion Complex

Provides aggressive controlled exposure of corrosive conditions to land systems to hasten their weathering process and determine susceptibility to the environments
- Fifteen test cycles replicate one year of field corrosion
- Twenty-two year corrosion assessment in 200+ days

Incorporated into Durability Test cycle comprised of selected test courses

Includes a series of individual corrosive environments:
- Mist booth 60 by 15 by 15 ft up to 3-min mist applied to top and vertical surfaces
- Splash trough - 75 by 20 ft with solution depth up to 2 in. subjected to undercarriage
- Grit trough - 75 by 14 ft with slurry depth up to 8 in. subjected to undercarriage
- Humidity booth - 40 by 20 by 20 ft up to 165 oF and 1 to 2 mL/hr condensate
- Deep water fording basin - 190 by 22 ft with adjustable water depth up to 84 in. and 3 percent NaCl replicates ocean environment
- Endurance Course - Includes multiple courses of varying roughness ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 inches root mean square roughness magnitude

Facilities and equipment provide identification, analysis, and documentation of corrosion