Visitor Guidelines


In addition to Visitor Credential Requirements, please follow these instructions and/or guidelines:

All vehicles entering and leaving the Industrial Area are subject to search for prohibited items and contraband. Prohibited items include: weapons, ammunition, drugs, alcoholic beverages, photographic equipment, and recording devices. These items will be confiscated and violators cited by the Military Police.

Cameras, cell phones with cameras, and recording devices are prohibited unless approved by the ATC Security Manager via a Special Photographic Permit or memorandum for recording equipment. Smoking is permitted only in designated areas. Dispose of cigarettes, tobacco, or matches in approved containers. Please remember that the APG is a military installation, controlled and operated by Government personnel trained in safe testing procedures.

These guidelines are intended for your safety and operational security. Access to the Industrial Area is a privilege afforded by the Commander, ATC. We want your visit to be productive and pleasant. Please bring any problems, questions, or concerns to our attention.

The vertical chain of command is: Senior Test Director, Chief and/or Team Leader, Division Chief, and Director.

The ATC Public Affairs Office is also available for assistance:
Commercial (410) 278-0446 or DSN 458-4010.

We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable visit to the U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center.