Visitor Security


Unescorted access to the Industrial Area (behind the fence) may be permitted based upon a security clearance or favorable investigation, and familiarity and compliance with the restrictions and requirements of the area. Unescorted access will be authorized on a case-by-case basis. An investigation or security clearance is not required for escorted access. However, escorted access is based upon an official need to enter. Coordinate your visit in advance with your ATC point of contact to assure the necessary security authorizations have been completed.

Wear badges above the waist and in clear view at all times while in the Industrial Area. Upon leaving the Industrial Area, badges are to be turned-in or concealed. Visitors will pick up and return badges daily. Security badges are to be turned-in if you plan to leave the Aberdeen area temporarily! Visitors requiring constant access for extended periods of time, upon request through the ATC point of contact and by approval of the ATC Security Officer, may retain their badges as authorized by regulation -- "No Escort Required" badges can be retained for up to 30 days, and "Escort Required" badges can be retained for five days.

A security badge does not permit unlimited access within the Industrial Area. Visitors are strictly limited to the areas which satisfy the following two requirements: (1) your test item is in the area; and (2) you have a justifiable need-to-know. Visitors found not complying with this policy are subject to administrative sanctions.

Never visit any test site or range without coordinating with the Test Director in charge of your program and/or the Test Director in charge of the test site. If you need to visit another site (for instance to visit another program your organization is sponsoring or supporting), ask your ATC point of contact to make those arrangements. A "No Escort Required" security badge permits you access only to designated areas. You are expected to take the most direct route to and from the site(s) you are approved to visit.

Cameras, video cameras, tape recorders or other photographic or recording devices are not permitted behind the fence unless previously approved. If you require such equipment to complete your mission during your visit, you must let your ATC point of contact know before bringing the equipment to ATC. Your ATC point of contact will be responsible for obtaining authorization. Such equipment must be accompanied by an ATC Test Director and/or employee possessing a Special Photographic Permit (camera pass) or an approval order issued by the ATC Security Officer.

If you plan to bring a Foreign National(s) with you, you must obtain approval through the ATC Security Office, Commercial (410) 278-2953 or DSN 298-2953 before you depart your home station. Please ensure that Foreign National(s) not employed by your company under a contract with the DoD submit a Request for Visit Authorization through their embassies in Washington, DC at least 30 days before each proposed visit. Visitors will be advised by their embassies whether or not their requests are approved.

Please coordinate any requirements to store or transmit classified documents or materials by courier with your ATC point of contact before your visit. Also, be sure to obtain courier authorization in writing from your home station before hand-carrying any classified information.

Visitors should direct all requests for test data or information to the ATC Test Director. The ATC Test Director can satisfy reasonable requests from appropriate personnel. Visitors will not direct ATC personnel in performance of tasks during testing except in certain situations coordinated in advance with the ATC Test Director and ATC support elements.